Final challenge of the lockdown set by Faye

Here it is the final challenge of the lockdown set by Faye. It’s number 10, so if you have missed any, look back over the daily blogs and have a go.

The weather is improving, hopefully, so hope you are all enjoying a relaxing, lazy Sunday.
The forecast for the weather is looking promising this week and hopefully we will be able to run with 3 afternoons of activities to help us break out of Lockdown.
We are constantly looking at different options & venues so we can hopefully eliminate the disappointment of last week.
This week WILL be a good week.
💚 💚 💚 💚


Our revised provision, ‘coming out of lockdown’ started today, we are so pleased & proud with how everyone conducted themselves & a great afternoon was had by all.  💚 💚 💚
A huge shout out to Rawmarsh St Josephs FC for the use of your facility, we are so very lucky.

#brightlightsinadarkworld #rotherhamtogether #inittogether

Remember we all have to stay safe, stay kind and keep others around us safe.

One more sleep before we return!

Are you excited at visiting the shops? Our service users are beyond excited to be returning to Social Eyes. Although it will be a different service to the one they left behind with all the restrictions, the staff have been working very hard to provide an exciting fun filled visit. We will be outside so anybody who knows a good sunshine dance will be dancing all day. 

Today we have a look at the jigsaw competition between Claire & Martin, Paul [a father] completing the cake in the dark challenge, Sam singing in the rain and Richard crafting.

We will bring you photos of tomorrow’s [Wednesday] emotional return.