Halloween, birthday party and stay safe

Lots of activities to catch up on over the Halloween weekend.

Happy Halloween, May your broom stick lead you to many adventures today 🎃🦇😘 but most of all, stay safe x

Up at Harding Ave the there were Halloween costumes and a band practice.

Meanwhile down at The Unit it was party time for Oliver.

Another group were out for a walk to the Acorn in Parkgate, while David went to Wentworth to make sure all the birds were in tact.

The Sheffield FA have published a poster designed to help young people to understand how they can play their part in the strategy designed to control the Covid-19 virus and keep football safe for everyone that takes part. 

Although aimed at junior footballers it’s relevant to our disability team as well.

The Banned have split rehearsals, games and Halloween decorations.

Lots of activities today throughout the service. Unfortunately, The Banned have members in each bubble, so it was split Wednesday rehearsals at both locations and the hope that they can join together again soon.

Up at Harding Avenue there were further Halloween preparations and down at The Unit it was another competitive day.

Pumpkin carving again was in full swing and decorations now adorn the front of Harding Avenue.

One group went out for a socially distanced walk and the fallen leaves proved a big attraction.

Down at The Unit.

Free food in Rawmarsh

We have free food available at Harding Avenue, Rawmarsh Community Centre until 1pm today. This is available for anyone struggling in these hard time.

If you can’t make it then message https://www.facebook.com/katie.l.walker.12

There are volunteers waiting to deliver to you.

Any food left after 1pm will be donated to Time Builders Rotherham, who have developed a ‘Social Supermarket’ for the local community who are in need of support during the current pandemic. Supported by Morrison’s, this is a project that truly involves the whole community.

Members will have access to the supermarket space developed within the Rotherham Minster, allowing for autonomy over a selection of foods for a cost of between£3 & £5 per week.

With the fantastic amount of donations Morrisons customers and staff donate to the food bank they can support even more fantastic community projects.