Tomorrow Monday 26th October we re-open.

Tomorrow Monday 26th October we re-open.

We are in two distinct bubbles for everyone’s safety. All social distancing and sanitising will be in place.

We will try with all our updated regulations to keep you safe.

Today we have a roundup of what you have been up to during our closure.

First Jenny and Cheryl’s birthdays.

Now some activities.

And tomorrow more memories to be made.

The Green Team.

Monday’s initiative at Harding Ave

On Monday 26th October 2020 between 11am and 1pm a group of volunteers will be at Rawmarsh Community Centre, Harding Avenue to help any families that are struggling in these tough times. This is not restricted to families on benefits but is open to any family who are struggling through shortened hours, redundancy, family breakdown or other reason due to Covid-19.

This will be in the form of general food packages that will be available to collect, all donated by our local supermarkets and businesses.

Packages will include a mixture of general staple foods that will hopefully help in this half-term.

Please bring your own bag for items to be packed into.

Please enter the Community Centre on foot, through the carpark gates and a volunteer will direct you where to go, as we are hoping to have pop up gazebos in the car park.

Please do not struggle in silence, if you cannot make it on Monday then please message

This is a community that cares and will help everyone where we can.

Please DO NOT enter the Community Centre as it is in use by Social Eyes, a service for vulnerable adults with learning difficulties and autism.

The return to Social Eyes is nearly here

The return to Social Eyes is nearly here. Monday 26th October 2020 we re-open after our isolation period, despite the County being upgraded to Tier 3.

Harding Ave.

We have undertaken a number of changes to the service during our enforced closure. These changes are temporary but must remain in place until all Covid-19 dangers are resolved. As you can see the gates at Harding are looking very cheerful ready for your arrival.

Our service will now operate in two distinct bubbles, in the hope that it will reduce the chance of the entire service having to close should another case arise. This means that the staff team are to be split into two, with one team in The Unit, Parkgate and the other team in Harding Avenue. Then the service users will be allocated a place at one bubble. There will be no cross over between the two sites [unless an emergency occurs].

We could not operate this system when we first returned to building based activities after our summer on the KCM Arena, thanks to Rawmarsh St Joseph JFC. This was because many of our attendees use door to door Community travel and they could not accommodate our needs by running exclusive buses for Social eyes.

However, during our closure there has been numerous meetings with Community transport and we have now secured exclusive buses for our service users and these buses will be exclusive to one site. This is a massive improvement to the safety of our attendees and puts Social eyes in a stronger position to reduce the impact Covid-19 will have on the service we provide.

All our other safety measures will remain in force. These include staggered entrance times, temperature and blood oxygen checks on arrival, social distancing, sanitising, individual workspaces and equipment, one way systems, toilet supervision and cleaned after every use with a thorough clean down at the end of each day.

All our staff are fully committed and working tirelessly to ensure our practice is the best and safest it can be and ensures that everyone that enters Social eyes does so in safety.

There will still be a variety of fun-filled, stimulating activities provided every day. The timetable will look different, however, when the time is right I can assure you that our ambition is to bring back our Café, drama group, football team, healthy eating group.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents/carers for their cooperation, support and understanding at this time. Rest assured we will do everything in our power to keep your loved one’s safe while they are at our service, but if you have any concerns please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your concerns.

See you all Monday for the fun to begin again.

There are exciting times ahead, with some fantastic announcements in the coming weeks, so keep visiting us and be the first in the know.