Lots to catch up on this week and we make the local news

Down at the Parkgate hub it games and wax melts manufacture.

Crafts at the Harding Ave hub.

The Show Offs were in rehearsals down at the Swinton Civic Hall outreach centre.

The Social travellers were out and about.

Over at the Bill Chafer outreach centre is was food preparation.

We made the local newspaper, Rotherham Advertiser, however, it was the sad news of our minibus ramraid.

Football, crafts, cookery and more football to detract from minibus theft

Lots of activities have been the order of the day to detract from our stolen minibus, of which, no news.

Friday was football practice day and crafts and cookery skills for those at the outreach centres.

Football practice at Kickabout Sheffield in anticipation of the first League match on Sunday.

And here is the first match day at Sheffield Goals in the southyorkshireabilitycountsleague.com, including a proposal and Trudie’s lucky pink hat back on display.