Social Eyes travelogue returns at last

The Social Eyes travel brochure is back in business for this year with a visit to Clifton Park. Who knew that there were such beautiful surroundings within reach of the Rotherham area.

Clifton Park in the heart of Rotherham is a wonderful place for the whole family.

With parks, gardens and sport, rides and games and even an amazing museum, Clifton Park has everything you could need for the perfect day out!

The Fun Park at Clifton Park, Rotherham is full of fun for kids and parents!

Perfect for children from toddlers to twelve year-olds, the Fun Park has a whole host of rides and games to choose from.

With roller coasters, water rides, bumper cars and arcade games, the Fun Park at Clifton Park has something for everyone.

Golden Putter Mini Golf

The Golden Putter Mini Golf course at Clifton Park Rotherham is always a winner for friends and families!

The 18 hole Golden Putter course is brilliant fun for everyone, and has plenty of tricky putts and water hazards to keep you on your toes!

Situated right next to the Fun Park, Golden Putter Mini Golf is easy to find and is always a big hit with visitors to Clifton Park.

Please note that dogs are not allowed on the mini golf.

Clifton Express

The Clifton Express Land Train at Clifton Park, Rotherham is one of the highlights of any visit.

Clifton Park’s Land Train is simply the best way to see the park. The Clifton Express has stops at either end of the park and does regular circuits from the activity area to the museum and café.

The Clifton Express has a wheelchair accessible carriage, and is the perfect way to enjoy the sights of the park without too much walking.

All fares are returns, so you can take the Clifton Express right round the park – and make sure you don’t miss any of the sights!

Tickets are available for a price of £1.50 per rider.


The Gardens at Clifton Park, Rotherham are beautiful examples of different styles of garden as well as a community area for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs.

With places to relax, remember, enjoy and grow, Clifton Park Gardens have something for everyone. The park itself has beautiful surroundings, trees and plants, and the Walled Garden, Memorial Garden, Carpet Bed and Rock Garden all have something special to offer.


There are plenty of places to eat, drink and grab a snack at Clifton Park, Rotherham. 

The park has lots of options when you need a bite, from the Walker Café in Clifton Park Museum, to the Ice Cream Kiosk next to the Water Splash park.

And here are the photos from our visit.