social minibusWelcome to our site! 

2020 update:
Covid has curtailed all our activities. We now meet Wednesday to Friday mornings on the pitch @KCM Arena @Stubbin to allow for social distancing. We will return to normal service as soon as we are allowed.

2020 is here, please follow us.

Just a little update to our front page. As the pages on our website were taking an extended time to load we have added a daily blog page, as we like to record our daily activities. Please take the time to look throughout our site but particularly the daily blog page which will keep you up to date on the day to day activities.

We are a local group aimed at helping adults with mild/moderate learning disabilities and Autism to grow, achieve and succeed with friends.

We offer numerous activities at a number of sites within the local community.

Flexible in our approach, all our activities are tailored to meet any individual interest and need.

The kind donation of our minibus by Robert McCarthy – brother of one of our service users – has meant that all activities are now easily accessible.

As you progress through our site we will introduce you to our staff and volunteers but mainly to the people who use our provision to enrich their lives.

So join us on our journey to learn new skills and activities that will help us become independent members of society.

February 2019.

Social eyes is now in S66.

Every Thursday 9am to 3.30pm at Bill Chafer Centre, Flash Lane, Bramley, Rotherham. S66 1TS.

A variety of activities on offer including: Arts & Crafts, Health & Wellbeing, Team Games & Exercise. Full and half day provisions available by direct payments or self funding.

Contact Claire or Faye: 07939250663 or email: socialeyesrotherham.co.uk or via this website contact page.