Social Eyes coronavirus newsletter

Social eyes: The story so far:

On Friday 20th March the management of Social eyes had to make a decision that they never thought they would have to make….The decision was to shut all communal day service support, in order to protect service users, service users families and staff members from the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is really important we do all we can to reduce the risk of catching the awful virus, with this in mind we must stay at home and stay safe!!!!!

Social eyes will NOT CLOSE our service, we will still care & support for all our valued customers and their families from a distance, in the most appropriate ways we can. We will respect the government guidelines, but the staff team are proud to be front line key workers, we will serve all we can, the best we can…….. SOCIAL EYES SUPPORTS TO ACHIEVE IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.

Rother FM 

Since the theft of our minibus last year, Rother FM have  supported our service and often keep in touch to enquire about what the service is achieving.  Since the Coronavirus changed the concept of our service, Rother FM have followed us on Social media & have been very impressed with our new look provision.  They have seen the photos of us delivering craft packs to your doors, they have been told about the telephone contact we have maintained and they  have also been made aware that the staff team have taken on extra roles supporting the most vulnerable in our local community, not just our service users who attend Social eyes.

We take great pride that our activities allow & promote integration into the local communities & this is an area that Rother FM have taken a great liking to also.  Rother FM like to promote and encourage community work and people pulling together, they believe Social eyes is a fine example of this.  We were so proud to feature on their radio station on Wednesday 8th April & very proud that our hard work and our wonderful service users were given the acknowledgement they deserve.  WELL DONE TEAM SOCIAL EYES !!!

The new Football kit:

Our Fatball friends from Derby (who support men & women with weight issues & mental health conditions) have kindly donated to Social eyes a second training kit for our fabulous Friday Football Group.  Everyone at Social eyes would like to say a huge Thank You to Luke Harrison and his constitution at Fatball for their generosity and ongoing support.  We hope it will not be too long before our footballers are wearing the new kit.  In the meantime (hopefully to put a smile on your face) can we just remind you of what a fantastic season our football team had.  Social eyes Rawmarsh St josephs were crowned Champions & won promotion & also voted the fair play team of the season 2019 / 2020.


Craft Pack Deliveries: Our staff team have been busy putting together, delivering & planning craft packs & projects to keep you all busy whilst you are at home.  These craft packs will be used and feature in future projects once we all return to service.  Please take your time to colour in carefully and complete your tasks.  Some packs have been personalised; others have been generic.  We will try and make a variety of projects available to add a bit more fun factor whilst you at home!!!


In it Together: WhatsApp

Supporting each other, communication & generally keeping in touch is paramount in these uncertain times.  With this in mind we have set up our very own Social eyes parents / carers WhatsApp group.  This is a forum of encouragement, banter and support for all parents / carers to join.  If you would like to be added to this group please send a txt message to Social eyes, you will need to have WhatsApp downloaded on your mobile phone.  If you need any help with this, please let us know. We look forward to new members joining. Thank you so much for your ongoing support, stay home, stay safe & remember we are all in this together.


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