Focus on our carers

Today we stop a moment and focus on the parents and carers of Social Eyes clients. Until you do the job of a carer, you can’t know the extent of the job they do.

Your children may have grown up and flown the nest you made for them. But for our families there is no nest flying, no grandchildren to look forward to, no visits from relatives. Their child is still at home and their child may be 30+ in body but in mind they are still childlike. They need constant attention and direction to keep safe.

Carers deliver personal care, they are nurses, they are accountants, they are cooks, they are everything to the family. They are vital to providing dignity & conversation to those they live with. Many marriages and friendships suffer under the strain of caring. Carers often neglect themselves, but soldier on because their child still needs them.

While you are in lockdown think of this:  there is a whole army out there who permanently live in Lockdown and who rely on their parents or carers to do the tasks that others would struggle to do. Carers keep their family members safe at home and save many from going into the fulltime care system until age or ill health forces the issue.

So please remember that while we are all grateful to the NHS for their untiring slog through the pandemic there is an army of carers out there, risking their health, their relationships and future plans in order to keep their families safe and healthy .

So let’s thank all the carers who are a selfless group and deserve every help we all can give them; REMEMBER AFTER YOUR LOCKDOWN HAS ENDED THEIRS CONTINUES.

#brightlightsinadarkworld #rotherhamtogether #inittogether

Thank you to our carers.

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