Making the best of lockdown

Our Lockdown birthday was still fun & a Green overload…. Thank you from the Green team to everyone who helped the socially distanced party happen. When we get back we will organise the biggest party.
💚 💚 💚 💚

Cakes & birthday buns were baked by service users.

There were more good wishes from the service users.

More of the parents/ carers sent in their good wishes. Many more can be read on the Social Eyes Facebook page. Here’s a few more:

Janet R: Happy 4th birthday Social Eyes, four years ago you had a vision and dreams. We would like to say a huge thank you for making your dreams come true and providing a service where Rachael and all her friends are so happy and challenged as individuals. So, we wish you a big happy 4th birthday and every success in the future xx

Michael I: Happy 4th birthday Social Eyes, thank you for being the best thing that ever happened for Ben.xx

Jojo W: Happy birthday  Social Eyes and thank you for all the things u do for me and my mum xxx missing all my friends  hope u all safe lots of love jane Webb Barbara  jojo.xx

Paul C: Here’s to a well-deserved 4th birthday. Congratulations to everyone concerned with Social Eyes. Success can be measured in many ways, but as far as the service users are concerned it is a huge success. So many happy and engaged people. May you continue to thrive for many years to come. Lots of love & best wishes from Paul & Our Ann

Ann B: Happy birthday, Becky has only attended Social Eyes for a year but she is so happy there. Well done to everyone, she can’t wait to get back – it has been so hard for everyone.

Maxine: Huge congratulations Claire, Faye and all the fab Green Team. Wishing you all a great day and every success for the future. Elena is missing you and all her friends soooo much. Hoping pizza & cheesecake with green choc will help!! Huge thanks for everything you do.

Linda S: Happy birthday Social Eyes. 4 fabulous years. Where have they gone? Congratulations Claire and Faye and all the staff for such a fantastic service, appreciated by all, but especially the service users themselves. David’s dying to get back. He misses everybody and I know I miss the friendships that I’ve made as well. Sorry we haven’t got balloons but David doesn’t like them and no baking from this house but I did have a green jelly!!!!!!

Cheryl: A Very Happy 4th Birthday. Lots of Love, Cheryl, Teresa & Rob. Thank you to you all for a fantastic service. Missing you & looking forward to all being back together.

Melanie R: Happy 4th birthday to social eyes. An amazing service which our son is loving coming to. Hope you’re going to be back on track soon.

Diane H: Happy anniversary. Hope things soon get back on track. Thank you for a great service.

Jackie A:  Happy birthday Social Eyes, you’re brilliant!!, love Joseph and his family.

Kate M: Happy birthday Social Eyes. A great provision by a wonderful team.

And finally…

Janet R: what a fun day everyone’s having in the social eyes spirit, just wish we could have been all together, missing you all.

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