Cake in the dark? watch the video

 Challenge 9 was announced and caused great hilarity in the The Green Team ranks. Titled cake in the dark, watch the video 💚💚💚💚
So to all our bakers, go on, give it a go!!!!!


Learning disability week

Learning Disability Week 2020 is taking place online from 15 to 21 June.

The theme of the week is the importance of friendships during lockdown.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are all currently living in lockdown. This means that many people with a learning disability are feeling isolated, as they are unable to see their friends and families.

We know that people with a learning disability already experience high levels of loneliness and social isolation and that this will only have been made worse by the lockdown.

We want to show the importance of friendships to help with tackling isolation, as well as exploring the different ways of maintaining friendships during this unusual time.

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