Summer of Sport & NHS Nightingale Exeter

Wow, lots to catch up from Friday which saw the start of our ‘SUMMER OF SPORT’ event, it was Fantastic and lots of fun even when the clouds scudded past.

Then we had a message from Tom on missing the event but promising to return next Friday.

Then for the followers of my son and his crew at Nightingale Hospital builds we return for a look at the new Exeter Nightingale that has just been completed. Unfortunately I can’t add the time lapse video as it’s restricted.  💚 💚 💚

So let’s start with the first batch of photos from the Summer of Sport which we will feature all weekend. Enjoy and come back tomorrow for more photos. 💚

Here’s Tom’s video 💚

And finally for those of you who followed the Cardiff Nightingale build today we have photos of the installation of a #WirelessNurseCall system at the new NHS Nightingale Hospital in Exeter @NightingaleExt when they returned to the hospital today to train the Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust Estates Engineers. 
#Aidcall #Nursecall

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