Sports, flower and bumper cars

Morning all, today there are more photos from our Summer of Sport week 2 up at the KCM Arena @Stubbin.Β  πŸ’šΒ πŸ’šΒ πŸ’š

Meanwhile Richard was enjoying his holiday, Claire’s sunflower seed has finally flowered and Michelle went duck spotting. πŸ’šΒ πŸ’šΒ 

And as a postnote, Richard and mum enjoying a bumper ride. Mum’s verdict was “Me and Rich in bumping cars, first time I’ve been on with Rich as he’s usually in with his dad. I would rather watch as I’m not one for the rides. Richard did the steering and I was so proud of him as he did it brilliantly”. Don’t forget to send your holiday photos and videos in.Β  πŸ’šΒ πŸ’šΒ πŸ’š

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