Summer of Sport week 3 plus Welly Wanging!!!!!

Morning everyone, Friday again and Summer of Sport week three.  A beautiful morning, we all love the brighter days, however today’s temperatures are going to be very high, which could pose health risks to our vulnerable adults, so a request to try & prepare your son / daughter for today’s extreme weather (with sun lotion and clothing protection) has been posted.
Some parents have already made the decision to keep their child at home, as there is no shaded area on the field @Stubbin.

Meanwhile let’s catch up with yesterday’s activities.

Games on the field and a single file walk looks to have been one of the highlights. The Banned were tuning up to accompany the games.

Today, Friday, as well as the Summer of Sport week 3 heats there will be Welly wanging!!!! A Yorkshire sport that celebrates tomorrow’s Yorkshire Day.  So, don’t forget to visit tomorrow to see those photos.  💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 

The action packed field activities are certainly very popular even when the weather lets us down, loving the great outdoors!!  💚 💚 


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