Has anyone got a Rotherham United tea-towel they will donate ??

Raising funds for socialeyesrotherham.co.uk which is a day provision for adults with mild/moderate learning disabilities and Autism and a high percentage of Rotherham fans.

Has anyone got a Rotherham United tea-towel that was sold in Red shop about 2014!! I was asked to make masks out of one yesterday for my nephew and this is how they turned out. Now if anyone has a tea-towel they would like to donate, any donations made from sale of masks will be donated to Social Eyes, the donator gets a mask for free.

Scoured the internet to try and find the material source, without success, so you’re my last resort. My model, as a Sheffield Utd fan, did not wish to be identified. Mask and small bag [from off cuts] to keep/wash the mask in.

Because of its age the tea-towel was a little faded but who cares. If you support the team, you support the team. UTM

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