Portrait of our KCM Arena hosts

Today we would like to use this page to share with you the work that has been ongoing at the @KCM Arena Stubbin for Rawmarsh St Josephs JFC. St Josephs JFC is Social Eyes affiliated club and kindly loaned us their football field over the Covid period. Without their cooperation Social Eyes would not have been able to reopen their service during the later end of this pandemic as our headquarters @Harding Avenue are too small to allow us to socially distance.

A sunny day @Stubbin

We have shared with them the building of dugouts, the clearing of a better pathway to the carpark and all the while in the sun and the wind and the rain we have sung, danced, played sports, explored and scaled the surrounding countryside to raise our banner and all the time The Banned played on.

The latest news it that over the weekend the new steps have been put in by Shane & James so that their fans can get a better view of the big pitch….. with help from @RSJJFC chairman @fez031075fez… Great to see managers and parents working together to improve KCM for the new season.

Richard was painting the built ones with a bit of help from Tony & Dave and Ricky & Liam are cracking on with the dugouts.

Tony & Dave were putting the posts up on the big pitch and leveling them up for the upcoming season… to me to you!!!

Now some much needed electrical work in the club house thanks to Alex Yates and his apprentice.

*LAST MAN (person) STANDING* Rawmarsh St Josephs are running a club last man standing competition. Details below please take part to help the club raise much needed funds and you could also win big… #oneclub

Please everyone support them as they have supported Social Eyes. #oneclub

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