We are back indoors !!!!

The return to indoors today went without a hitch. All the new rules were followed and the smiles on everyone’s face said all that needed to be said.

Staggered arrival and exit times to the buildings have been introduced; between 9am – 10am for arrival and 3pm – 4pm for exiting and it all worked perfectly. As every person entered the building’s they had their temperature taken and oxygen level tested. Failure on either reading would have meant a return home, with no return until an all clear test result.

Then it was down to action at the socially distanced desks with their own individual pens and pencils and equipment. Look at those smiles!!!

Our walking group enjoyed a local walk in the autumn weather.

Yet another group were up at Wickersley Cricket Club, who are kindly allowing us to use their pavilion on a Monday and Tuesday.

On Wednesday the drama group returns and will be using our new unit down at Parkgate which is currently undergoing decoration. The carpet has been laid, so it’s all go for some furniture to arrive in time?

So, see you all tomorrow with further updates on the indoor provision.

Remember we are a local group aimed at helping adults with mild/moderate learning disabilities and Autism to grow, achieve and succeed with friends.

We offer numerous activities at a number of sites within the local community.

Flexible in our approach, all our activities are tailored to meet any individual interest and need.

A variety of activities on offer including: Arts & Crafts, Health & Wellbeing, Team Games & Exercise. Full and half day provisions available by direct payments or self funding.

Contact Claire or Faye: 07939250663 or email: info@socialeyesrotherham.co.uk or via this website contact page.

Episode two of Summer of Sport Finals & return to buildings

So the teams, Bumble Bee,  X Factor, Team Rock or In it Together, had completed all the heats. They had a morning of hilarious welly wanging to finally decide the winning team. If you ever want to bond a team try welly wanging, but make sure you have a big open space. So who were the winners? Building the tension? Find out further in this episode!!!!

Then came the medal and certificate presentation, when every single participant received a medal and certificate. Those who were not here today received theirs at home.

The winners were:- In it Together.

So the Green Team leave the field and Social eyes will return to building based activities, the week commencing Monday 28th September 2020.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time on the field; however, it is now time to move back indoors. 

We will be using a small number of buildings and our minibuses to provide a five-day service Monday to Friday.  Individual timetables will be issued, and we hope to try and resume some level of normality to our day service provision.

We are all fully aware of the risks of Covid and Social eyes have put a number of safety measures in place to make our working environments the safest they can be in these current times. 

Can we please make you aware of these safety measures & ask for your full support when we are implementing them?


There will be a new one way system when entering & exiting buildings.

NO parents / carers will be allowed to enter the buildings.

Everyone, all service users, staff, professionals who enter the building will be required to have their temperature & oxygen levels tested.  Anyone with readings that state high temperature or low oxygen level will be requested to return home (unless an existing health condition is known).

Everyone entering the building must sanitize hands on arrival & at regular intervals.

Social distancing will be respected at all times, entry to the building will be structured to ensure safety at all times.  Transparent screens / visual signs and stickers are positioned to help enforce social distancing.

All service users will be allocated a seat on arrival, which will remain their seat for the duration of that day.

The use of toilets will be done on a 1:1 basis, which will be supervised and each toilet cleaned after each use.

All personal belongings will be put into large transparent bags and hung up safely by staff members (no coats or bags will be permitted into the work zones), can we please request only one bag to be brought onto site.

Staff will use all correct PPE & we will use a clean as we go policy.

All items used within activities will be non-communal, service users will be issued individual pens, pencils etc there will be no sharing permitted.

When leaving the building NO parents will the enter the building, staff will escort all service users to parents / carers / transport.

We all have a level of responsibility to keep each other safe, can we please request if your son / daughter / ward is feeling unwell or showing signs of illness you keep them at home.

Staff will sanitize and clean the buildings at the end of every day.  Industrial foggers will be used to deep clean & sanitize all buildings on a regular basis.

While the safest place is still deemed to be outdoors, can we please request appropriate outdoor clothing is worn so walks, gardening & outdoor activities can take place.

Any service user that is deemed non-compliant or whose actions put themselves & others at risk will have their place in service reviewed.

This list should not be considered as final. We will no doubt add to the list of safety measures during the upcoming months, but will keep you informed.

If you would like to make any recommendations / suggestions, we are always open to new ideas.  You can make such suggestions when you speak to your key worker buddy or you can ring Social eyes direct.

We are entering a new chapter at Social eyes & the health & safety of service users & staff members will always be paramount.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support. 

The list of rules may be long, but The Green Team are passionate about making new memories and gaining a new normality; and we promise as a service & as a team we will strive to do what we do best,


Welly wanging marked the end of another Social eyes chapter

Friday marked the end of another Social eyes chapter.

Our Social eyes group have been meeting up @KCM Arena @Stubbin football field, running social distancing events since lockdown was lifted, and Friday was our last session and we had a blast.

Before we go any further we must give a huge shout out to the amazing Rawmarsh St Joseph’s Junior Football Club, it’s your kindness and generosity that has made these past few weeks possible. When others shut us out you opened your doors and took us in, for which every person who attends or works @Social eyes are extremely grateful. It was a match made in heaven when we affiliated to your club.

Rawmarsh St Josephs Junior Football Club

Over the weeks that we have been using the field we have seen the new improved dugouts take shape, the field cared for and now the mini pitch has dugouts, without the digging. A great set up thanks to the hard work of parents/committee and sponsors. Both my sons played up there in the 1970/80’s and it’s a testament to you all that it is still going strong for the youngsters of Rawmarsh.

The weather has not always been kind to us, as while the field is beautifully positioned at the top of the hill, this does mean that you are exposed to the elements on all sides. If it’s windy or raining in Rawmarsh it’s ten time worse up here. There have been sunny days but a lot of cold/wet/windy days. However, not to be beaten our intrepid contestants donned their winter wear to bravely complete the final day of competition, with not a single complaint about being cold. Certainly a very hardy bunch, given that there is little opportunity to move around due to the strict social distancing which is in place when they meet.

The concluding session of Summer of Sport competition began with a musical accompaniment to the four golden rules of lockdown, that start every session.

Wash your hands; don’t stand too close to me; respect for others and listen.

Then it was on to a full session of WELLY WANGING. Forty one Social eyes users had a wang! Some with more success than others. Staff formed a protective barrier between the wangers and the watchers, but unfortunately some of the staff ???? hadn’t mastered the fact that if a welly came wanging towards you, then you move!!!!!

So after all that welly wanging to decide the winning team, we then finished up with two teams throwing the exact same distance.

So who ended up the winners??????

Come back tomorrow for the results and more photos of happy faces.

Summer of Sports finals today

It’s our summer of sport finale, the scene is set for our field farewell; it may be blustery & cold, but the Green team are ready to make today’s session action packed.

Please come wrapped up with warm clothing.

Safety as always will be paramount!!!

Will it be X Factor, Bumble Bee, The Rock or In it Together who will be crowned champions? The competition is still wide open.

My team and I would just like to say a huge thanks for everyone’s support, patience & understanding while we have been running the field provision; the inconsistency I know hasn’t been easy to manage at times. The weather may have interrupted our sessions but it could not dampen our spirits.

We’ve managed to come out of lockdown safely and we re-enter buildings on Monday. Who knows what the future days / weeks will hold, but I promise you the Green team will be united as one in our next chapter, just as we have been in this one!!!

Meanwhile the staff are working long hours to get the new unit ready for your arrival on Monday; Harding Ave also has had a facelift ready for Monday.

As with the field there will be many extra new rules in place but they are all designed to maintain safe, healthy sessions for everyone.

Yesterday there were some happy passengers out and about.

Visit the website over the weekend and catch up with all the action in the finals of our Summer of Sorts.

X Factor, Bumble Bee, The Rock or In it Together and the Green Team.

The rain defeated us

So the weather defeated us on Wednesday. The rain came and so the session was cancelled. Those who had not set off were able to stay at home but the few who had arrived were able to use the limited indoor facilities.

It turned into a band jam session. Fingers crossed Thursday dawns better.