Summer of Sports finals today

It’s our summer of sport finale, the scene is set for our field farewell; it may be blustery & cold, but the Green team are ready to make today’s session action packed.

Please come wrapped up with warm clothing.

Safety as always will be paramount!!!

Will it be X Factor, Bumble Bee, The Rock or In it Together who will be crowned champions? The competition is still wide open.

My team and I would just like to say a huge thanks for everyone’s support, patience & understanding while we have been running the field provision; the inconsistency I know hasn’t been easy to manage at times. The weather may have interrupted our sessions but it could not dampen our spirits.

We’ve managed to come out of lockdown safely and we re-enter buildings on Monday. Who knows what the future days / weeks will hold, but I promise you the Green team will be united as one in our next chapter, just as we have been in this one!!!

Meanwhile the staff are working long hours to get the new unit ready for your arrival on Monday; Harding Ave also has had a facelift ready for Monday.

As with the field there will be many extra new rules in place but they are all designed to maintain safe, healthy sessions for everyone.

Yesterday there were some happy passengers out and about.

Visit the website over the weekend and catch up with all the action in the finals of our Summer of Sorts.

X Factor, Bumble Bee, The Rock or In it Together and the Green Team.

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