A trip out, potato harvest and Sunflower Lanyard still not recognised

All eyes are on the forecast for our next sessions up at the KCM Arena @Stubbin. According to the forecasters the temperature is set to rise for Wednesday and peak on Friday. Let’s hope they are right.

Our new week got off to a great start yesterday with a trip out and the lifting of our potato harvest up at the allotment.

Sorry to bang on again, but once again this weekend a relative commented why a healthy looking person was not wearing a face covering in the supermarket. However, they did have a lanyard on but the general public seemed unaware of its meaning.

There are still so many people, especially those not connected to the disabled community, who are still unaware that the Sunflower Lanyard is the sign of a hidden disability. 

This lanyard exempts the wearer from wearing a face covering.

Please make sure that your social circle, and consequently their extended social circle, are aware of its significance.

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