We are going home.

We are about to start the last week that we will be outdoors using the @ KCM Arena @ Stubbin.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Rawmarsh St Joseph’s football club, to whom we are affiliated, for allowing us the outdoor use of their facilities.

During Covid-19 the rules and regulations we have all had to follow have had implications for everyone’s mental health. Those who have never suffered before are now beginning to realise the effect being restricted to home has on their well being.

While the restrictions have only been in place for everyone since March, for our Centre users the restrictions are just more rules added into their lives. Many are unable to go out alone or have elderly parents who care for them. While they thrive on routine, some have the double problem of parents shielding as well as their many complex conditions meaning they are classed as vulnerable and have to shield.

For Centre users their time @ Social Eyes can be their only interaction with the outside world; their time to meet with their friends with no judgements or restrictions on their conditions. Many found their school years troubling, as many conditions are hidden and bullies love to pick on the weakest; when they come to Social Eyes it is fun and excitement, friendship, outings, sports, crafts, music and acceptance. There are always smiles galore, whenever you visit.

Take a break, have a cuppa and sit down and peruse our site; at the activities before Covid-19 and the activities on the field during Covid-19. Everyone’s life has been transformed; all activities are now inevitably labelled before or during the Covid.

Now as we move into the winter and we need to return indoors to keep warm, we must be extra vigilant with our sanitising and rules. All our rules are carefully thought through to ensure that we keep our users and their parents/guardians, and also our staff as safe as is possible.

Help us keep everyone safe and healthy through these winter months.

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