Technical problems, conker hunting & duck feeding plus the new unit is open

Sorry everyone about no post yesterday, there was a problem uploading the photos. We hate for you to miss seeing our fun packed days that we all enjoy.

Still never mind we have a bumper edition today of all the activities that have been taking place. So, make yourself a cuppa and perhaps a biscuit and here we go.

First up we have photos from Harding Ave base camp.

Next we have photos from the new unit. As you can see although classed as an industrial unit we are making it very homely. The carpet is down and I’m sure the artists in our group will soon have the walls brightened with artwork and craftwork, as we do up at Harding Avenue. Wednesday it was our drama group that were first to use the building but I’m sure it will be as busy as base camp from now on.

Next we have the local walks since Monday.

Here come the trips out to feed the ducks by one group, while another went conker hunting.

And finally some of our group were up at Wickersley Cricket Club.

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