Social Eyes bird joins the flock @ Wentworth Woodhouse

One of our groups have been to visit Wentworth Woodhouse to find our contribution to the amazing ‘flock’ project. So, today it’s a travelogue for Wentworth Woodhouse and the flock.

Visit The Flock at Wentworth Woodhouse –  a giant artwork to mark Lockdown


A flock of 10,000 birds have come home to roost on the East Front lawn at Wentworth Woodhouse. Each small wooden bird is a symbol of freedom and marks how people pulled together in the COVID-19 crisis.
They form a huge art installation in the shape of a giant tree. Midlands-based artists Julie Edwards and Ron Thompson of Planet Art hope their artwork will inspire people to engage with the arts, culture and heritage on their doorstep and create a piece of social history.

It is free to visit, but Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust hopes people who can afford to make a donation towards the Wentworth Woodhouse Fundraising Appeal. During Lockdown the house has been closed and the charity has been unable to generate income to help it carry on its important restoration work.

The installation is FREE to visit but in line with Government guidelines and to ensure a Covid-19 secure approach anyone wishing to attend will need to book their free tickets in advance. Please ensure you only book for yourself and others within your social bubble.

Planet Art’s The Flock will be the first of three large-scale installations created by artists appointed by Wentworth & Elsecar Great Place and Wakefield-based arts organisation Beam. Others are planned for Wentworth Castle Gardens and Elsecar Heritage Centre in Barnsley.

Tours & Bookings: 01226 749639


Yesterday James returned to make sure all was still well with the birds and managed to track down his bird and the Social Eyes bird.

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