Monday’s initiative at Harding Ave

On Monday 26th October 2020 between 11am and 1pm a group of volunteers will be at Rawmarsh Community Centre, Harding Avenue to help any families that are struggling in these tough times. This is not restricted to families on benefits but is open to any family who are struggling through shortened hours, redundancy, family breakdown or other reason due to Covid-19.

This will be in the form of general food packages that will be available to collect, all donated by our local supermarkets and businesses.

Packages will include a mixture of general staple foods that will hopefully help in this half-term.

Please bring your own bag for items to be packed into.

Please enter the Community Centre on foot, through the carpark gates and a volunteer will direct you where to go, as we are hoping to have pop up gazebos in the car park.

Please do not struggle in silence, if you cannot make it on Monday then please message

This is a community that cares and will help everyone where we can.

Please DO NOT enter the Community Centre as it is in use by Social Eyes, a service for vulnerable adults with learning difficulties and autism.

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