The third bus challenge photos and another Nightingale hospital update

The third bus challenge was enjoyed this week. The Unit crew and the Harding Avenue gang, on their bus outings, have really entered into the spirit of this. This weeks challenge was to find a bench with a lovely view; outside a pub [very hotly contended]; animal/s; a venue Social Eyes used before lockdown and finally a place you would like to go if we weren’t in lockdown.

Remember the Cardiff Nightingale in the Principal Stadium that my son fitted the nurse call systems in, it has now been decommissioned so the rugby can go ahead?? Replaced by another new one being built, modular style, in the grounds of the University of Wales.

Here we go: – the modules arrive for unloading.

Unloaded and joined together.

These modules are all fitted inside and just need the electrics, nurse call systems and furniture, watch: –

And the view from the windows for the patients.

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