Callum Lawson, community hero!

Today here at Social Eyes we are delighted to highlight one of our service users who features this week in an article in Rotherham Advertiser. Keen cleaner Callum Lawson has been hailed as a community hero for helping keep the park near his home Covid-free.

Callum, who has Down’s Syndrome, has been clearing up the park known locally as The Orchard for the past several months, cleaning the benches and tidying the scenic spot in Brinsworth.

Friend Gareth Hutchinson, who sees Callum regularly while walking his dog, said: “I just think he deserves some recognition. He’s just a nice happy lad and he’s doing this all of his own accord.”

Claire Hobson and all her staff commented,he’s a good lad and always helpful at Social Eyes, we are all very proud.”

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