We are vulnerable adults who need to be higher up vaccine list

A busy stressful few weeks for the carers/parents of the Social Eyes ladies and gentlemen. Many have been waiting for the call for the vaccine of their loved ones. A call which hasn’t materialised.

It seems that learning difficulties [can’t care for themselves/need constant supervision] does not qualify them as vulnerable. After countless phone calls and buck passing our parents/carers are now managing to secure the vaccine for themselves and their charges.

The daily visits to Social Eyes have been missed; their interaction with their friends has been missed. The Social Eyes Green Team have continued throughout the lockdown to provide support for carers and users. A weekly activity pack has been socially distanced delivered to each user of the service. Zoom calls have been facilitated when things were proving stressful. Videos made of activities and sports to do at home.

As a service we are doing a phased transition to service of groups of 7, at both Rawmarsh and Parkgate sites, but going out on mini buses. The big return to buildings will be hopefully directly after Easter. So a slow return to communal groups first before re-entering buildings on a full time basis.

Visit http://www.socialeyesrotherham.com and read about our group and especially ‘Walk a day in our steps’ and imagine what lockdown has been like for the parents/carers of our service.

A few more puppets have been constructed and some socially distanced visits out.

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