A visit to Wentworth Garden Centre

A busy end to the week at both hubs with outdoor tidying and painting up at Harding followed by a visit to Wentworth Garden Centre. A quick visit to Keepmoat Stadium and more deliveries to homebound friends.

This coming week it is World Autism Awareness Week, 29th March – 4th April, and we will be featuring activities during the week.

The coronavirus pandemic has been particularly tough for many autistic people and their families. Services have closed and many people have been left stranded. The ever-changing guidelines and restrictions can be confusing to understand and extremely difficult to implement for autistic people with high support needs. 

Visit the Autism Awareness website: –

Super 7 Challenge (autism.org.uk)

See how you can help: – Run, walk, swim, cycle, super 7 workout, 7 hour gameathon, 7 round quiz, cook or bake 7 dishes, play or sing 7 songs.

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