Another episode of the Social Eyes gang travelogue

Another episode of the Social Eyes gang travelogue to places to visit in the local area. Today it was Graves Park; a large parkland area in the South of Sheffield, between the districts of Norton, Woodseats and Meadowhead. The park was developed by Alderman J. G. Graves between 1926 and 1936, to protect the thousand year old woodland from building development. Mr Graves donated the 100.362 hectares park to the city.

The park is a mixture of open and woodland, with several streams flowing through it. There are three small lakes bordered by mature trees and to the north-east of the park is the animal farm, home of many rare breeds of cattle, pigs, chickens and donkeys.

Near the Charles Ashmore Road entrance are a practice golf course, two bowling greens and several hard tennis courts, while at the north side of the park (Derbyshire Lane entrance) there is a large open area which has 2 cricket pitches and around 10 football pitches.

Meanwhile back at the Harding hub it was crafts and Matthew’s birthday celebrated in Social Eyes style.

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