Thank you Green Team

Morning everyone a beautiful day to start the new week with.

It’s great to see the friendships, activities & laughter returning.

Slowly more people are re-joining Social eyes; and we are hopeful by mid May all our Service users will have returned to the service. We are looking forward to an action packed week with more people planning their return this week.

The Green Team would like to thank you for your ongoing support as we move forward slowly & safely re-opening Social Eyes to its full potential.

As well as Facebook, Twitter and this website we have a parent/carer helpline available. The users of this line wish to record their gratitude towards The Green Team who continued to support everyone throughout lockdown. They paid socially distanced visits delivering activity packs, making videos and supporting the carers/parents through the long, lonely lockdown. Many of the carers/parents have been single-handedly coping with adults who are unable to comprehend the Covid rules and regulations.

Here are some of the parents/carers comments on the service: –

I love how the Social Eyes team are so aware of both the physical and emotional needs of the whole family and try to accommodate our wishes wherever possible 🙂 Thank you.

Oliver is so happy to be back to the Magic of Social Eyes. There is something very special about Claire and the people who work with her; they are such an inclusive group with something special for everyone.

Michelle had a challenging week at home. Have come to realise even positive change is difficult for her to manage. She is looking forward to regular attendance though and Social eyes is the happy place for both of us!!! Roll on next week. New chapter well and truly sorted and will never forget how amazing Green Team have been and are still! Everything else should be a breeze after Covid!

I would just like to say a huge thankyou to the fabulous Green Team for making Rachael’s first week back a very happy one we weren’t sure that we would get her back as she had become settled at home; but what an enormous difference in her. She has come home full of laughter and very vocal, it’s a great relief to us that’s she’s so happy to be back and that’s down to the fabulous Green Team and the buns she made were delicious.

It’s lovely that everyone is so happy to be back at Social Eyes, our Rich is over the moon about being there for full days as well.

Hey JJ is back at Social Eyes on Tuesday. Thankyou Karen she is sooo looking forward to it.

David’s back this week. He’s so happy. It’s been such a long time.

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