Bobby the bauble begins his Christmas journey

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. I am Bobby the bauble and I’m going to tell you all about my adventures, before I am placed on a Christmas tree. Forget the big money ads that punctuate the TV programs. Follow a simple little bauble on his adventures with the Green Team from Social Eyes [adult disability group] I’m sure we will have fun!!

My journey began in Devon where I was kindly made and bubble wrapped, then I travelled all the way up the M1 to lovely Rotherham.

I was purchased by the Creations team who are now my family

I spent my first few weeks at the Parkgate unit in front of the camera on photo shoots for the exclusive 2021 Creations Christmas cards where I appear on all 5 designs. The Creations team have demonstrated their photography, imagination, design and production skills to complete this project.

You can following my adventures here on the website or on Social eyes Facebook page and see where I visit and whose home I end my journey at?????

Make sure you don’t miss out on my adventures and get your very own piece of me by purchasing the Christmas cards.

Part 2 coming soon … Follow Bobby the bauble’s journey….. we are sure he will get into scrapes while having some fun.

The cards that Bobby features on are great!!!

The details of when these fantastic cards go on sale will be announced early next week.

Plus details of the wax melts the Creations team have produced, which make fantastic Christmas presents.

See you next week, Bobby x x x

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