Bobby Bauble busy on the road, sends a catch-up note

Hi everyone it’s me again, Bobby the bauble.

I have been on a right adventure today, the Creations team have even taken me out on the minibus and I got to sit on the front seat next to Rachel, our driver.

I had a big job today with the team as I have been in charge of promotions and sales. We visited lots of friends all around Rotherham and even payed a visit to the Show Offs who were rehearsing at Swinton Civic.

After all this work we all had a little pit stop at Social eyes, the hot chocolates there are great!

Back on the road this afternoon with more visits and deliveries. We have orders flying out all ready.

That’s all from me, I will see you all next week for the next part of my journey.

ps. We are receiving numerous requests to buy me, but I’m afraid we could only source a few of these baubles and they were expensive, so we only purchased the one.

However Bobby will possibly go up for auction in December……… So watch this space if you are interested in owning ‘BOBBY’

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