Recycled jeans are now turning into bags & cushions

I put out a plea for your unwanted denim jeans that were filling your drawers. The ones that were too little; too big; wrong design; wrong colour; just didn’t like them any more.

Now your drawers are emptying and my lounge is filling as the bags are taking shape. Handbags, tote bags, coin purses, dog walking bags, sandwich bags, wall charts, make up bags, laptop bags and even some cushions. Got a drafty door there are recycled draft excluders.

These are all on sale with proceeds to Social eyes. The handbags take 3 days to make; the tote bags 1/2 days. All are lined and have secure inner compartments for your money.

Christmas present with a difference. If you are into denim then these are the bags for you.

Reading cushions with Harry Potter, dinosaurs, owls, lady and the tramp.

Wednesday mornings 10.30 to 12.00 community coffee morning at Social Eyes Harding Ave hub. Coffee and a chat and a look at the crafts.

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