Bobby the Bauble auction details

An update on the fun that Bobby the Bauble has enjoyed with the Social Eyes Green team. He is now coming up for auction.

Think Antique Roadshow in a few years! There will be only one Bobby the Bauble.

I don’t know about you but every year my Christmas tree, bought in 1947 still has some of it’s original ornaments. It’s a family memory thing isn’t it; the ornaments long deceased parents bought, the ornaments the children chose. The tree may be showing its age but its memories never dim.

Please bid for Bobby on December 8th, the winning bid goes to the replacement minibus after ours was ram-raided in October.

Also, Bobby features on the Christmas cards that Social Eyes designed and these too are on sale £5 for a pack of 10 cards. Get your orders in, they are on second print as they have proved so popular; over 1400 sold so far.

Creations winter fayre is: –

Wednesday 1st December 10.00am to 1pm

Social Uniteyes, Unit 10, Alexandra Centre, Rail Mill Way, Parkgate S62 6JE [as you turn left for The Range Turn right, then left for us. ]

Warm drinks and refreshments available, a warm welcome and festive cheer.

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