The Green Team out spreading Christmas cheer

The Green Team were out and about spreading Christmas cheer to all the Social eyes attendees. On their Whatsapp chat, messages were coming through from grateful parents/carers and guardians for all their hard work this year.

Here’s a few messages: –

Kirsty says sorry we missed you and thanks for her goodies, she hoped you liked our window display. Merry Christmas everyone stay safe and see you in the New Year xx

Thank you for all you do, Sean loves to come to you it has made a big difference to his life after losing his dad and he has made lots of new friends x

And a very merry Christmas to you & everyone associated in any way to Social Eyes. May 2022 be good to everyone bring health & happiness. Wealth would be a bonus. Love you all xx

And a message from Claire and Fay: – Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, thank you for all your support through another stressful year. The Green team would like you to stay safe, make memories and remember how precious you all are to us.

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