Activities and Nightingale hospital Cardiff

A busy day for The Green Team, on the front line, making a difference to our wonderful service users. ๐Ÿ’šย ๐Ÿ’šย ๐Ÿ’šย 

The Social Eyes buddies found there were lots of activities to report yesterday while they were delivering the Covid-19 activity pack. Hannah’s walk led her through a delightful carpet ofย  bluebells, Martin made an amazing trifle for tea, Laura made Easter buns and many of you were out for your daily exercise enjoying the sun.

While Ryan was out delivering Theย  Boss was enjoying a cake.

And Simon & crew are back in Cardiff and sending you more photos of the work they are doing to change the Principality stadium into the Cardiff Nightingale hospital. As you will see there were moments of hilarity during the fitting of the ducts for the wiring to instal the nurse call system.

There was also a big change in the last week while they have been back home. So they decided to send the football fans more photos of how it is today. Hope you are enjoying the transformation.

The Principality stadium is a 74,000 seater stadium where the Welsh Rugby Team battle against opponents from across the globe and where the football titans of Europe fought for the 2017 Champions League Trophy.

The stadium is also host to speedway and in August 2019 Manchester Utd played A C Milan in International Champion Cup; while at Xmas is was highly decorated.

Hopefully this lockdown will end soon and it will return to a sporting stadium again.


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