Memories of birthdays, farm visits and THE PUB!!

Morning readers, thank you for dropping by. Tuesday’s, as my regular readers know, are memory photos days.

As a service we take photographs constantly throughout every session, mainly for parents/carers to see how much every user enjoys their time with us but also, so there is nothing hidden or behind the scenes at Social Eyes Rotherham.

All out service users are deemed as vulnerable due to the number of health issues they live with daily. For many a visit to Social Eyes is the highlight of their week so we make sure their enjoyment is our aim. 

This is not a promotional article. It’s a reminder of, I am sure the parents/carers will echo, how essential this service has become during this pandemic. We are continually adapting our service within the Covid rules to allow us to continue offering routine to our users, who thrive on routine.

Here’s a few activity memories from 2018, while our second block of photos show birthday celebrations. At Social Eyes everyone’s birthday is celebrated [ staff as well] and some are in different venues depending on where the activities of the day are taking place.

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