Memories of activities during the last 2 week BEFORE lockdown, progress on the dugouts and this week’s activities plus kitchen update.

Before we were locked down we were about to start raising funds to upgrade the kitchen in the Drop-in-Centre. Today we have had a meeting with kitchen fitters to give us a ball-park estimate of how much we would need.!!!! As we would like to do the work while the Centre is not being used, which would limit the disruption, we need to look to raising some funds within the Covid guidelines.

We see this upgrade of the kitchen as essential to allow the Centre to fulfil its present activities and allow Social Eyes users to gain cooking experience, but also allow the Centre to be used for the benefit of the local population, allow friendship groups to meet, childrens parties or even adult parties, coffee mornings, etc. Socially distanced activities are essential at the moment to try and bring life back to normal.

Meanwhile today’s set of photos were taken in the two weeks before we went into lockdown. Oh happy days!!! There were walks, visits, football and the last Banned practice and all with no social distancing. Little did we know the change we were about to have to adapt to. 💚 💚 💚

Update on the progress of the dugouts at KCM Arena @Stubbin,whose football-field they are kindly allowing us to use for our day service. The concrete bases are now laid, thanks to Ricky and Craig for their expertise and time which is much appreciated… Next job is building them.  💚 💚 💚

And just to finish. This week’s memories include Rachel in her garden, Richard’s sunflower finally blooming, Sam has been camping out again and a video of Richard at his second home – the gym.  Many thanks to their parents for these lovely photos.💚 💚 💚

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-02 Rachel in gardenWhatsApp Image 2020-08-02 Richards sunflowerWhatsApp Image 2020-08-03 Sam camping

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