Monday memories of  4 years of Social Eyes and Bill the Bus

Monday memories of  4 years of Social Eyes and sharing messages between Social Eyes and Bill the Bus   💚💚💚

After yesterday’s mystery digit on the St Joseph dugout video the culprit has been found but we will keep their name a highly guarded secret!!! unless pressed

Bill Johnston  – April 29

Missing all my lovely passengers hope you are all well and keeping safe xxx

bill bus

Hi Bill hope you are doing OK, we are still visiting our service users and trying to keep them busy, one thing for sure is they miss their journeys, their drivers and coming to Social eyes.
Stay safe, hope to see you soon 


Bill Johnston yes it’s very difficult. You don’t realise or appreciate things in your life until they are taken away. I’m missing all the people I have the pleasure of helping. You all do a fantastic job and I for one will always sing your praises, well done all of you x
Social Eyes, Harding Avenue, Rawmarsh, Rotherham S62 7ED Bill Johnston thank you sincerely, we look after such special people that we will always do our best. It’s the best job in the world (as you know supporting our guys). We post daily on our Facebook page so keep taking a look x  💚 💚 💚
Andrea Jubb – September 24, 2019

Last night me and my family witnessed an absolutely amazing performance by a wonderful set of people, your dedication , routines and enthusiasm is second to none, you are all so proud of each other it’s heartwarming. Go out tonight Social eyes and smash it again , listen to all the clapping and cheering it’s for you xxxx  💚 💚 💚

Carol Burke – September 28, 2018

Thank you social eyes, Tom is so happy with his raffle prize at your McMillan coffee morning. Such a worthy cause. Can’t wait to try it, looks too good to cut into though x  💚 💚 💚

cake coffee
Visit to Wentworth Woodhouse today 💚💚💚💚
And finally, August 20th 2016 the official opening of Social Eyes.
💚 💚 💚💚 💚 💚💚 💚 💚💚 💚 💚
And our fourth birthday held in lockdown xxx  💚💚💚

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